SICK delivers greater precision and speed with extended Ruler3000 family

2 mins read

SICK has extended its next-generation Ruler3000 family improving both the speed and precision of its top-flight 3D streaming cameras.

With the addition of the Ruler3002, 3004 and 3010, integrators can capture high-quality, high-resolution 3D inspection and measurement data down to a height resolution of just 0.8 micrometers providing the finest details of electronics, semiconductor and battery components.

The SICK Ruler3000 combines SICK’s Ranger3 streaming camera with a built-in laser, pre-selected optics and factory-calibrated fields of view, allowing OEMs, system integrators and end users to fast track high-quality data at rapid production speeds.

These cameras now deliver the high performance of the Ruler3000 to guaranteed fields of view down to 26.6mm, while the addition of a high-powered blue 3R laser enables them to achieve the rapid exposure times necessary to capture the minutest three-dimensional details.

The three cameras have more compact dimensions than the rest of the Ruler3000 family so that they can be designed into tighter machine spaces. The Ruler3004, for example, measures 129.5 x 60.3 x 100 mm (L x W x H).

The SICK Ruler3002, 3004 and 3010 cameras are able to extract the true 3D shape of electronic assemblies, printed circuit boards, semiconductor components and batteries, regardless of their contrast or colour and are able to overcome some of the most challenging inspection, measurement and robot guidance tasks such as completeness, correct component positioning or height and flatness measurements.

By capturing 3D, reflectance and scattered light measurements in a single scan at speeds of up to 46KHz, differing material properties and wide contrast variations can be distinguished, even for tiny surface mount components. The cameras’ enhanced light sensitivity and High Dynamic Range (HDR) also help optimise inspections of components with widely differing light remissions in a single scene, such as ball grid arrays.

The cameras are suitable for inspecting the integrity of tiny Quad Flat Package (QFP) semiconductor leads, for example, or for verifying the correct shape and precise positioning of the glue beads during electronics assembly processes. When inspecting the shiny metal surfaces of battery housings, welding seams or heat-conducting paste, the Ruler3000 achieves very high resolutions and inspection speeds.

With the launch of these cameras, SICK has introduced a patent-pending Surface+ technology that provides an additional image dimension to reveal even the tiniest blemish or scratch on the smooth surfaces, on e.g. battery housings or shiny electronic components.

All Ruler3000 cameras are powered by SICK’s highly sensitive CMOS sensor and innovative ROCC (Rapid On-Chip Calculation) technology. They process up to 15.4 Gigapixels to enable up to 7000 full-frame 3D profiles per second. SICK also extended the Ruler3000 family further with the addition of a mid-range Ruler 3060, which has a field of view up to 740mm, targeted at applications in the automotive and consumer goods industries.

The SICK GenIStream API facilitates programming for C# and C++ users. Full compatibility with industry standards, such as GigEvision and GenICam, provides plug and play access to third party software such as HALCON. In addition, developers have all the flexibility of SICK’s AppSpace software platform with its wide range of image processing tools and application examples, providing seamless scalability in both functionality and performance.