Melexis signs licensing agreement with Chronoptics to enhance ToF offering

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Melexis has announced that it has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Chronoptics, a specialist in the design and integration of Time-of-Flight 3D cameras.

The agreement gives Melexis use of Chronoptics’ multipath and linearity error correction technologies in automotive applications. This includes ADAS for autonomous vehicles, and interior monitoring and safety systems. Both companies will work together to further improve and deploy the technology in the automotive market.

Multipath interference in Time-of-Flight cameras can, in some use cases, lead to inaccurate depth measurements under specific conditions, such as when a wide Field-of-View (FoV) is used, or when the scene contains highly reflective objects. It is typically caused by stray light and scattering due to bright reflections in the scene.

Chronoptics’ patented multipath correction technology recovers the correct depth values to produce accurate and robust point clouds even in challenging scenarios. With future vehicle applications set to demand an even wider FoV, this technology will enable Melexis’ customers to address and mitigate potential challenges in advance.

Damien Macq, VP & General Manager Sense and Light business Unit, Melexis, said of the agreement: “These new IPs will be available for evaluation in our Time-of-Flight reference design. Our third-generation ToF sensors are a breakthrough in terms of sensor performance, and this innovative technology along with other Melexis’ IPs will further enhance system level performance”.