The New Electronics circulation, which is fully ABC audited every year, is taken from the MA Business Mastersource database. This database has universal coverage of all manufacturing and design sites within the UK and is continuously updated by a specialist data research team.

ABC terms of control

"New Electronics is a magazine for engineers and engineering management at their business addresses who directly control or influence the electronic design and specification function for electronic components, systems or materials and individuals directly responsible for the purchase of electronic components, systems or materials."

With its high quality content and database of extremely relevant potential customers, New Electronics is THE publication for electronic design engineers and the companies trying to reach them.

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Circulation Summary

Universe of electronics design sites 6,166
Universe of electronics designers 49,551
New Electronics sites 7,615
New Electronics copies (ABC certified Jan - Dec 2010) 16,000
ABC average net circulation Jan - Dec 2010 16,399

Analysis by job function

General Management 5,803
Design Management 10,100
Product Design 11,160
Software Design 6,169
Research & Development 8,534
Design Test 7,077
Purchasing 5,874
Systems Integration 6,890

Analysis by Industry/Sector

Description: Universe design sites: Universe designers: New Electronics sites: New Electronics copies:
Electronics OEM 1,795 12,981 1,886 4,746
Intensive End Users 2,390 15,561 3,821 7,047
Non Manufacturing 1,981 21,009 1,908 4,207
Total 6,166 49,551 7,615 16,000