PowerVR graphics family extended

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Imagination Technologies has extended its Rogue graphics architecture with the addition of two GPUs. The devices, part of the PowerVR Series7XT Plus family, are said to be aimed at the premium and mid-range segments of the consumer electronics market.

Peter McGuinness, director of multimedia technology marketing, said: “We’re rolling out new GPUs with high system efficiency and performance to support user experiences related to computational photography, computer vision, virtual reality, augmented reality and other advanced visual experiences – all while extending battery life.”

The GT7200 Plus is a dual-cluster configuration with 64 ALU cores, while the quad cluster GT7400 Plus has 128 ALU cores. Both designs are said to retain the features found in other Series7XT devices, but can take advantage of a new integer pipeline for vision related applications and added hardware support for the OpenCL 2.0 compute API.

The company also says that it has updated the microarchitecture to boost system performance and reduce power consumption. These goals have been achieved by proving support for the latest bus interfaces, doubling memory burst sizes and tuning the size of cache memories whilst improving their efficiency.