Rapidus and Tenstorrent to develop AI edge devices based on 2nm logic

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Rapidus, a developer of advanced logic semiconductors, has signed an agreement with Tenstorrent, a next-generation computing company building computers for AI, to jointly develop semiconductor IP in the field of AI edge devices based on 2nm logic semiconductors.

In addition to its AI processors and servers, Tenstorrent has built and owns RISC-V CPU IP and licenses that technology to its customers around the world. Through this technological partnership with Rapidus, Tenstorrent said that it will help to accelerate the development of cutting-edge devices to meet the needs of the ever-evolving digital society.

David Bennett, Chief Customer Officer of Tenstorrent said, “We have tremendous momentum with our customers in the Asia Pacific region right now, and I am proud that we can start talking about all the things we are doing in Japan. We are excited about the bold and aggressive moves that Japan is making to take advantage of its legacy of excellence in semiconductor technology and its incredible engineering talent base.”

Earlier this year, Rapidus began construction of IIM (Innovative Integration for Manufacturing) in Chitose City, Hokkaido - Japan’s first facility for the production of state-of-the-art logic semiconductors at 2-nanometers (nm) and beyond.

At the same time, researchers from Rapidus have been working at the Albany Nanotech Complex in New York, USA, one of the world’s most advanced semiconductor research centres, alongside IBM to develop technologies for the production of 2nm logic semiconductors.

Rapidus is also planning to acquire EUV lithography technology, which is essential for the production of cutting-edge semiconductors, from imec. Utilising these technologies, the company plans to start operation of a pilot production line at IIM-1in April 2025, and begin mass production in 2027.

Rapidus is also looking to build cooperative frameworks with domestic and overseas materials and equipment industries, and through international collaborations with IBM, imec, and other partners.