Rapidus and IBM extend chiplet packaging collaboration

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Rapidus, a manufacturer of advanced logic semiconductors, and IBM have announced a joint development partnership aimed at establishing mass production technologies for chiplet packages.

Credit: pkproject - adobe.stock.com

As a consequence of this agreement, Rapidus will receive packaging technology from IBM for high-performance semiconductors, and the two companies will collaborate with a goal of further innovating in this space.

This agreement is part of an international collaboration within the framework of the “Development of Chiplet and Package Design and Manufacturing Technology for 2nm-Generation Semiconductors” project being conducted by Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO) and builds on an existing agreement with IBM for the joint development of 2nm node technology.

As part of the agreement, engineers from both companies will work in collaboration at IBM’s facilities in North America for R&D and manufacturing of semiconductor packaging for high-performance computer systems.

IBM has accumulated considerable R&D and manufacturing technologies for semiconductor packaging for high-performance computer systems and company also has a wealth of experience with joint development partnerships with Japanese semiconductor manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of semiconductors, package manufacturing equipment, and materials.

According to Rapidus, it aims to leverage this expertise to quickly establish cutting-edge chiplet packaging technology.

Rapidus President and CEO Dr. Atsuyoshi Koike commented, “Building on our current joint development agreement for 2nm semiconductor technology, we are extremely pleased to officially announce today this partnership with IBM to establish chiplet packaging technology. We will make the most of this international collaboration and pursue initiatives that will allow Japan to play an even more important role in the semiconductor packaging supply chain.”

“With decades of innovation in advanced packaging, IBM is pleased to expand our collaboration with Rapidus to develop state-of-the-art chiplet technology,” said Darío Gil, SVP and Director of Research at IBM. “Through our agreement, we are committed to supporting the development of the most advanced node production processes, design, and packaging, as well as developing new use cases and supporting the semiconductor workforce.”