Comprehensive custom ASIC offering from Marvell

2 mins read

Marvell has announced a custom ASIC offering that looks to address the stringent requirements of next generation 5G carriers, cloud data centres, enterprise and automotive applications.

Marvell’s custom ASIC solution enables a broad range of customisation options and a differentiated approach with best-in-class standard product IP including Arm-based processors, embedded memories, high-speed SerDes, networking, security and a wide range of storage controller and accelerators in 5nm and beyond.

Traditionally, data infrastructure manufacturers and cloud data centre operators have had to choose between securing standard products or a full custom silicon solution designed in-house, while developing or licensing foundational IP as needed. Now, for the first time, Marvell is offering full access to its broad and growing portfolio of industry-leading data infrastructure standard product IP and technologies, which can be integrated and enabled in custom ASIC solutions at the most advanced technology nodes.

“The future of compute requires scalable and highly optimised solutions that can power the data centre all the way to the network edge,” said Mohamed Awad, vice president of Marketing, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm. “Marvell brings a fresh and differentiated approach to addressing these requirements by uniquely utilizing Arm platforms to improve power, performance, and time-to-market for our mutual partners.”

“Marvell custom ASIC has a rich history in significant customisation, advanced interfaces and memory solutions. Our ability to pull optimised components from across Marvell’s product portfolio adds a whole new dimension to what we can deliver,” said Kevin O’Buckley, general manager of the ASIC BU at Marvell. “The breadth of Marvell’s infrastructure technology portfolio is unique in the industry – and is available in one comprehensive offering.”

“Marvell’s expanded offering unleashes new opportunities in the data centre for acceleration, smartNIC, processor, security and storage offload,” said Alan Weckel, founder and technology analyst of 650 Group. “The company's early push into 5nm and beyond enables them to use the most advanced technologies with cutting edge interface and processor IP to build powerful and optimized ASIC solutions for data centre and switching applications ranging from hyperscalers to service providers to enterprises.”

Features and benefits of Marvell’s 5nm and beyond ASIC technology solutions and its complementary portfolio include:

  • Leading Arm-based offerings with high-performance and power-optimized solutions
    • Access to the latest processor technologies
    • Pre-optimized processor IP to improve power, performance, and time-to-market
  • Multiple power-optimized SerDes solutions at 112G and beyond
    • Ability to solve demanding system topologies at reduced system cost
  • Advanced packaging solutions for chiplets, integrated memory and optics
    • Lower board and ASIC costs
    • Simpler system integration
    • Bandwidth scaling and power reduction enabled with world-class SerDes
  • Enhanced security, networking and memory IP for the most demanding applications
    • Leverage proven IP to reduce risk
    • Faster time-to-market
  • Industry partnerships for integrated transceivers, embedded and flexible, programmable logic
    • Dramatic improvement in power consumption
    • Ability to rapidly update design without respin.