Arteris selected by BOS Semiconductors for next-gen automotive chips

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Arteris, a provider of system IP which accelerates system-on-chip (SoC) creation, has announced that BOS Semiconductors has licensed Arteris products for next-generation automotive SoCs.

Arteris FlexNoC interconnect IP will be used as the communication backbone, coupled with the Magillem Gold Suite for SoC integration automation, helping to ensure that BOS Semiconductors is able to provide optimised power, performance and reduced area for autonomous driving, HPC and gateway SoC automotive designs.

BOS Semiconductors is a global fabless company with deep roots in the semiconductor industry. They leverage best-of-breed IP from Arm to build advanced SoCs while focusing their expertise on system architecture for specialised designs for the automotive market including mobility experience, safety and comfort for drivers and passengers.

“Arteris is a trusted partner and provider of proven IP and SoC connectivity that I’ve relied on in the past and continue to rely on today,” said JaeHong Park, CEO of BOS Semiconductors. “Arteris FlexNoC IP and SoC automation products allowed us to minimise project risk and meet our overall performance, power targets, safety and efficiency goals amid demanding timelines.”

FlexNoC IP with its Functional Safety option, and the Magillem Gold Suite for SoC integration are key technologies for developing advanced automotive SoCs. FlexNoC is a high-performance interconnect technology that integrates multiple IP cores into a single SoC. The Functional Safety option is designed to detect and recover from potential failures in the system, ensuring the vehicle’s continuous operation. Finally, the Magillem Gold Suite is a comprehensive SoC integration toolset that provides efficient design and verification for chip creation.

“The automotive market with its growing use of autonomous SoC designs continues to drive the need for high-performance, energy-efficient, scalable and reconfigurable architectures,” said K. Charles Janac, president and CEO of Arteris. “We are pleased to leverage our automotive expertise and underlying connectivity technology so BOS Semiconductors can focus on delivering innovative and differentiated system designs.”