Alchip and Arteris expand ASIC design services

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Arteris, a provider of system IP which accelerates system-on-chip (SoC) creation, and Alchip Technologies, a specialist in ASIC design, are collaborating to enhance the delivery of high-performance SoCs.

This collaboration is intended to deliver highly optimised SoCs across various market segments.

Arteris’ interconnect IP solutions seamlessly integrate with Alchip's advanced semiconductor design and manufacturing platform. Their complementary ASIC expertise will enable the integration of advanced technologies as physical design and performance become more challenging.

Alchip has built a reputation for providing high-performance ASICs noted for their consistent first-time silicon successes.

"Working with Arteris reflects our strategy to provide our customers with a robust best-in-class IP portfolio. It strengthens our ability to deliver industry leading SoCs,” said Johnny Shen, CEO of Alchip Technologies. “We leverage their network-on-chip interconnect expertise to enhance our silicon design and manufacturing capabilities, enabling us to address the semiconductor industry’s increasingly complex demands."

"Arteris is pleased to collaborate with Alchip," said K. Charles Janac, president and CEO of Arteris. "Together, we can deliver highly differentiated SoC designs that leverage the full potential of our interconnect IP and SoC integration solutions. This collaboration aligns with our shared commitment to providing customers with high performance, power efficiency and better ROI so they are free to innovate."