Tenstorrent selects Blue Cheetah chiplet interconnect IP for AI and RISC-V solutions

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Tenstorrent and Blue Cheetah Analog Design have announced that Tenstorrent has licensed Blue Cheetah's die-to-die interconnect IP for its AI and RISC-V chiplet solutions.

By selecting Blue Cheetah, Tenstorrent said that it aims to accelerate its own as well as its customers' and partners' development of chiplet-based AI and RISC-V solutions.

"Blue Cheetah is unique in its ability to provide customisable standards-based die-to-die interconnect solutions that support the full range of capabilities and process technologies we, our partners, and our customers need," explained Jim Keller, CEO of Tenstorrent. "Partnering with Blue Cheetah enables us to foster a chiplet-based ecosystem ready for both current and future system designs."

Blue Cheetah currently provides its chiplet interconnect IP solutions in 4 nm, 5nm, 7nm, 12nm, and 16nm process technologies. Its customisable die-to-die interconnect solutions enable customers to create leading products using chiplets optimised for a wide variety of end markets, achieving more cost-effective scaling and greater IP reuse.

"Tenstorrent delivers highly customised, high-performance AI and RISC-V chiplet solutions tailored to specific workloads and applications," said Elad Alon, CEO of Blue Cheetah. "Customisable die-to-die interfaces are an essential component of these solutions and enable developers to create cost-effective multi-chip designs that deliver powerful performance and next-level energy efficiency."

Blue Cheetah's BlueLynx D2D interconnect subsystem IP provides physical (PHY) and link layer chiplet interfaces and supports both Open Compute Project (OCP) Bunch of Wires (BoW) as well as Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe).

BlueLynx connects to on-die buses/Networks-on-Chip (NoCs) with a wide variety of standards, including AMBA 4 CHI, AXI, ACE, among others.