Synopsys achieves AIM Photonics Certification

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AIM Photonics has announced that it has certified Synopsys' IC Validator solution for physical verification signoff of photonics integrated circuits (ICs).

A United States Department of Defense Manufacturing Innovation Institute, AIM Photonics is working on accelerating the transition of integrated photonics solutions from innovation to manufacturing,

The IC Validator solution will help in the development of high-performance networking systems-on-chips, artificial intelligence (AI) and accelerator engines and when used in combination with Synopsys' PIC Design Suite, the IC Validator enables design rule checking (DRC) signoff for integrated photonics design.

Synopsys PIC Design Suite is the first unified electronic and photonic design platform that integrates both design and physical verification of complex photonic IC designs in a single environment, and enables designers to catch design issues before tape-out and eliminate expensive mask repossessing and schedule delays.

"We are seeing an explosion of new design activity as integrated photonics expands from data communications into markets such as AI, machine learning, quantum computing and LiDAR," said David Harame, chief operations officer, AIM Photonics. "IC Validator enables our customers to produce clean, accurate and correctly connected designs that can be more quickly handed off to AIM for manufacturing."