Novares integrates FlexEnable’s conformable OLCDs into its new demo car:

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Flexenable, a specialist in the development and industrialisation of plastic electronics for flexible displays and sensors, has collaborated with Novares on the integration of curved, glass-free organic LCDs (OLCDs) into the Novares Nova Car #2.

The Nova Car #2, which was unveiled at an event in Paris, highlights three example applications of surface-integrated displays in next generation vehicle interiors. The centre unit is an S-shaped, touch system consisting of twin 12.1” OLCDs. This is combined with left and right side 4.68” OLCD concave side-mirror replacement displays and a 4.68” OLCD passenger HMI touch screen integrated with the rear door panel.

The OLCD technology is able to bring large area, low cost flexible displays to automotive interiors, changing where and how surface-integrated displays are used in vehicles. According to Flexenable, automotive designers now have the freedom to replace flat screens with conformable and shapeable OLCDs that seamlessly integrate with the contours of new interior designs and architectures. OLCD can also meet the demanding automotive brightness and reliability standards by deploying already qualified materials and processes used in the production of glass LCDs.

Commenting Chuck Milligan, CEO of FlexEnable, said, “We are delighted that FlexEnable’s plastic OLCDs have been featured in Nova Car #2 and are regarded as an enabling technology by automotive OEMs and Novares. Ultra-thin, lightweight and shatterproof OLCDs can be applied to curved surfaces in cars where glass-based displays won’t work. They provide automotive designers with the tools to meet the rapidly changing needs of the automotive HMI while also improving passengers’ experience and safety.”

Pierre Boulet, CEO of Novares, said: “The Nova Car 2 incorporates 25 of our latest innovations for the car of the future. Through our partnership with FlexEnable, we are able to offer our customers 3D curved displays to fit the interior design of any car. FlexEnable is the first of the start-up companies in which we have invested, in 2018, via our investment vehicle, Novares Venture Capital. Curved, glass-free OLCD is an exciting breakthrough technology that we are pleased to be able to support and promote.”

In May 2018 Novares, a global plastic solutions provider serving the automotive industry, made an equity investment in FlexEnable totaling 5 million euros and is supporting FlexEnable’s engineering and manufacturing efforts. OLCD is expected to be in production in early 2020 with target markets including automotive, consumer electronics, smart home appliances and digital signage.