Flexible electronics specialist FlexEnable is showing the first integreated automotive application for a conformed LCD at the IAA 2015 automotive event. The demonstration will be part of a display integrating several new automotive technologies, coordinated by its EMS company Flex.

The FlexEnable demonstration is of a flexible display incorporated into a car’s A-pillar and paired with a camera attached to the wing mirror. This innovation, the company says, will offer an enhanced view of the side and rear of the vehicle, eliminating blind spots and increasing road safety.

“We are excited to be working with Flex to demonstrate our capability in organic (LCDs) at this important event,” said Chuck Milligan, FlexEnable’s CEO. “Today’s car interiors are stylish, functional and comfortable and have curved surfaces everywhere, except where constrained by rectangular, glass display panels. FlexEnable technology removes this constraint, while providing the same display quality and reliability customers have come to expect from LCDs.”

FlexEnable’s display is said to add minimal incremental thickness and weight to the frame, minimising visibility impedance, while its conformal nature provides comprehensive coverage of the A-pillar. Technology from Flex gives the display and the camera the ability to interact with the environment, allowing the driver to respond in real-time.

Previously, FlexEnable has created demonstrations – such as the console pictured – of how its technology can be formed into complex curves and irregular shapes, allowing surfaces to become intelligent and interactive