Flexible display pioneer FlexEnable has partnered with Merck in a move which is intended to enable the creation of novel display shapes. According to the partners, the combination of FlexEnable’s organic thin-film transistors with Merck’s polymer wall LC technology will allow organic LCDs to be curved around complex surfaces and shapes.

Chuck Milligan, CEO of FlexEnable, said: “FlexEnable’s breakthrough with low cost conformable plastic LCDs has opened several exciting avenues for innovation that allow LCDs to be thinner and more flexible, with high manufacturing yield and low cost. Polymer wall technology will allow LCD frontplanes to be bent into more complex structures and shapes, further unlocking the benefits of truly flexible, low cost organic TFT backplane technology. We are excited to collaborate with Merck on making novel display shapes a real option for designers.”

Mark Verrall, head of R&D in Merck’s Display Materials business unit, added: “The production of free-form and flexible LCDs on plastic substrates will open up an entirely new range of applications and opportunities in the display market. We are very pleased to be the key materials partner to enable this exciting development.”