Conformable organic LCD to enable new display concepts

FlexEnable has developed a 12.1in glass-free conformable organic liquid crystal display (OLCD). Said to be compatible with existing LCD production lines, the display can be scaled to larger areas to meet the market needs of those building a range of applications, including automotive, consumer electronics and digital signage.

Chuck Milligan, CEO, said: “We have proven the scalability of our OLCD technology. While LCD is the dominant and trusted display technology in the market, glass-based LCDs can’t deliver the conformability, robustness and thinness requirements in new applications.”

The OLCD platform is said to bring vivid colour and smooth video content to flexible displays. Featuring organic transistors on a plastic sheet, the display is said to be less than 0.3mm thick and more than 10 times lighter than glass based displays.

“For end-user companies,” Milligan continued, “this means they can specify a range of flexible display sizes and shapes to create product designs not possible with glass based displays.”

FlexEnable is working with Asian display manufacturers to support the transfer of its OLCD platform into conventional flat panel display lines.