Codasip Studio Mac extends potential to design for differentiation with RISC-V

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Codasip, a developer of customisable RISC-V processor IP, has announced that its Codasip Studio platform is now available to support Apple macOS Monterey (the current major release of macOS).

Codasip Studio is an automated platform for the customisation of Codasip’s RISC-V processor IP, enabling designers to tailor their processor designs to achieve the highest performance in domain specific applications.

Codasip Studio is used to create Codasip’s RISC-V processor cores and to help designers evaluate microarchitectural alternatives. Application software can be profiled using the instruction accurate description of a core. To address performance bottlenecks, custom instructions can be added and analysed and, once the instruction set is stable, firmware and drivers can be developed helping time-to-market.

The cores are created using the CodAL hardware description programming language, so customisation can be undertaken in Codasip Studio by modifying the CodAL source. Codasip Studio automatically generates a full software toolchain (compiler, assembler, linker, debugger, etc.), RTL and a UVM verification environment from the CodAL description. Finally, help with verification is provided by automatically generating testbenches, a UVM environment, and random assembler tests.

“The potential to design for differentiation lies at the heart of the Codasip ecosystem of processors IP and tools,” said Rupert Baines, CMO at Codasip. “But it is Codasip Studio and the underlying CodAL description language that not only makes customisation possible, it also makes it easy, quick and cost-effective for customers of any size and scale to customise Codasip RISC-V cores in order to design innovative and marketing-leading products. We are delighted to now extend this capability to developers working on the Apple Mac OS.”

In October 2021, Codasip Studio was upgraded to version 9.1, giving users access to additional bus interfaces and enabling the development of more powerful application cores and multi-core systems using Codasip Studio.