Arm unveils Total Design ecosystem

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Arm’s Neoverse Compute Subsystems (CSS) has been a faster, lower-risk path to custom silicon for infrastructure, and has provided Arm technology in a new way, delivering pre-integrated and pre-verified solutions that brings more value than discrete IP to the company’s various partners.

Now, Arm has taken another step forward by bringing the wider semiconductor industry together to innovate around Arm’s foundational compute subsystems with Arm Total Design, an ecosystem committed to the frictionless delivery of custom SoCs based on Neoverse CSS.

Total Design brings together ASIC design houses, IP vendors, EDA tool providers, foundries, and firmware developers to accelerate and simplify the development of Neoverse CSS-based systems.

Partners within the Arm Total Design ecosystem will benefit from preferential access to Neoverse CSS, enabling them to innovate, drive rapid time to market, and lower the cost and friction of building custom silicon, for everyone.

With Arm Total Design, Arm is engaging critical ecosystem expertise at every stage of SoC development to make specialised solutions, based on Arm Neoverse, widely available across the infrastructure, including AI, cloud, networking, and edge.

It delivers:

  • Pre-integrated, validated IP and EDA tools from partners like Cadence, Rambus, and Synopsys to help accelerate silicon design and the integration of things like memory, security, and peripherals
  • Design services from partners including ADTechnology, Alphawave Semi, Broadcom, Capgemini, Faraday, Socionext, and Sondrel, who are ready to support the ecosystem with expertise on Neoverse CSS, other Arm IP and methodology
  • Technology optimised for leading-edge process nodes and advanced packaging techniques from foundry partners, including Intel Foundry Services and TSMC
  • Commercial software and firmware support for Neoverse CSS from leading infrastructure firmware providers like AMI

Working with this group of companies, Arm is looking to empower the entire industry to rapidly innovate on Neoverse CSS and take advantage of a massive infrastructure software ecosystem that has resulted from over two decades of investment from Arm and its partners.

According to Mohamed Awad, SVP and GM, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm, “Arm Total Design means that ASIC design houses can have designs started and on-the-shelf ready to go, IP vendors can pre-integrate, pre-validate, and pre-optimise advanced IP for Neoverse CSS, EDA partners can ensure seamless support into the most advanced tools and flows in order to streamline SoC design, commercial firmware solutions can be developed long before silicon availability, and Neoverse CSS designs will be specifically optimised to take advantage of leading-edge process nodes.”

In addition to unlocking greater accessibility to custom silicon, Neoverse CSS is also evolving to support emerging chiplet technology.

By collaborating with Arm Total Design members and the broader ecosystem on AMBA CHI C2C, UCIe and other initiatives, Arm will be able to facilitate industry-wide alignment on the fundamental interfaces and system architectures that will enable innovation around multi-die chiplet SoC designs.

One example of this is the multi-core CPU chiplet from Socionext, which has adopted Neoverse CSS technology and is being developed on TSMC 2nm to target server CPUs, data centres AI edge servers, and 5/6G infrastructure.

From hardware and software partners to foundries and leaders in EDA technology, the Arm Total Design ecosystem will bring expertise from across the semiconductor design and manufacturing industry together to accelerate the path to custom, workload-optimised silicon.

“Working together, we will ensure broad accessibility to performant, efficient solutions that will help meet the insatiable demand of an AI-accelerated future,” said Awad.