Ultra sub miniature switches offer multi-angle operation without a lever

Omron Electronic Components Europe has extended its sealed basic switch portfolio, with devices offering multi-angle operation in an IP67-rated sliding-contact package.

The ultra-small 8.3 x 7.0 x 5.3mm D2EW sealed switches provide flexible customer applications and lower costs by eliminating the need for a lever and, when compared with existing switches, their innovative pin plunger shape supports operation from a wide angle between the vertical and the horizontal. This reduces the effect of play in the cam position and improves operating position tolerance.

Design of the D2EW incorporates a left-right asymmetric post shape that reduces the risk of incorrect assembly, reducing the need for rework and additional quality checks. Its sliding contact structure ensures quiet operation.

A further advantage is a reduction of the minimum applicable load to 50 micro-Amps, facilitating the design of energy-saving applications. The durability can reach 300,000 minimum operations to benefit longer life applications. These versatile new switches are available in normally open and normally closed versions, each providing a choice of solder or long press-fit terminals.

Applications range widely and include auto-guided vehicles and robots, vending machines, smart meters, fast-charge EV stations, factory automation equipment, security systems, refrigeration and air conditioning to name just a few.

This broad range of potential applications is extended by their IP67 rating which makes them suitable for use in wet and dusty environments. The switches are specified for up to 95% relative humidity and operating temperatures of -40 to +85C.