Omron launches miniature switches

Omron Electronics Components Europe has announced two fully sealed, miniature micro switches offering a compact and flexible solution for applications exposed to water spray or high levels of dust.

The D2GW and D2AW are intended for vending machines, smart meters, EV charging stations, security systems, HVAC equipment, white goods and similar applications where space is at a premium.

The Omron D2GW is fully sealed to IP67 and can operate in temperatures of up to 85°C. It is exceptionally small (8.3mm × 6.5mm × 5.3mm) and is potentially the smallest switch of its type currently available.

Omron is offering the D2GW in a wide variety of styles, with a choice of mounting structures, actuators and terminal specifications to maximise application flexibility. The options include press-fit terminals to enable solder-less PCB installation, as well as solder terminals, PCB terminals and moulded wire leads. The D2GW features a symmetrical shape with the push button located in the centre, allowing levers to be added in either direction.

Omron has also unveiled a new version of its standard basic switch, the D2AW, also sealed to IP67. This switch features compact dimensions (13.3mm × 7.0mm × 5.3mm) and high insulation resistance of 100MΩ. A version of the switch, known as the D2AW-R, features an integrated internal resistor allowing the detection of four states: on, off, open circuit and short circuit. The switches are available with solder terminals, spade terminals and moulded wire leads.

Both switches feature a unique contact design to maximise performance. A sliding contact construction achieves quiet operation and high contact reliability, wiping away any dust or other impurities. Both also have double contacts, to improve reliability.