Omron miniature surface-mount switches deliver flexible configurations

The new D2LS miniature surface-mount micro switches from Omron combine very small dimensions with a positive mechanical action, that's comparable to larger switches, while ensuring long-term durability.

The contacts are single-pole single-throw normally open (SPST-NO) configuration. When used in applications such as game controllers, computer mice, smart-home switches, and small handheld devices, D2LS switches ensure a high-quality user experience with the feel and reliability of larger micro switches.

Designed for surface mounting, the D2LS series can easily replace larger surface-mount switches such as tactile switches. Housed in an 8.6mm x 4.8mm plastic package only 3mm high, they can be ordered with or without integral 0.6mm mounting bosses. The no-boss option allows an extremely low mounted height on substrates such as flexible printed circuit (FPC).

Additional options include selectable activation force of 0.6N or 1.2N, which allows designers to optimise the sensitivity for the needs of the application. One example is to ensure the side switches of a computer mouse or game controller are as responsive and easy to activate as the main switches.

Also, with a shorter distance to the turn-on point than typical tactile and standard rubber switches used in game controllers, the D2LS series can respond more quickly to user actions. In addition, the mechanism has a smooth snap action that minimises fatigue for improved comfort and longer gameplay. Unlike standard rubber switches, activation produces a synchronised audible click that ensures a confident user experience.

The D2LS series is in production now and available in three durability grades, rated for 5 million, 10 million, and 20 million operations with stable activation force throughout the component lifetime.