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Littelfuse releases ultra-miniature 7 mm Reed Switches

Littelfuse has announced the availability of the MITI-7L Reed Switch Series.

These ultra-miniature reed switches provide longer life and higher reliability than currently available in existing 7 mm reed switches, achieving millions of cycles.

Their longevity exceeds the requirements for industrial reed relays, test equipment, and security applications. They also have a close differential feature that is well-suited for sensitive applications, such as security and alarm systems.

The MITI-7L is a normally open switch with a 7 mm x 1.8 mm (0.276” x 0.071”) glass envelope, which can switch up to 10 W. It has a sensitivity range of 6-25 AT. They provide a high insulation resistance of 1011 ohms (minimum) and a low contact resistance of less than 150 milliohms. These reed switches are also available in a surface mount version, the MISM-7L.

The MITI-7L and MISM-7L Reed Switch Series are suited for markets that require long-life cycles and high reliability, such as:

  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for power semiconductor testing,
  • Small and large appliances, and
  • Security and alarm systems.

The MITI-7L key benefits and differentiators include:

High reliability and prolonged lifecycle: Extensively tested and proven to achieve millions of operation cycles, a significant advantage over currently available 7 mm reed switches.

Design flexibility: The ultra-miniature magnet size and wide sensitivity range enable use in more challenging applications.

PCB space savings: Extremely compact size, lightweight, and available surface-mount version helps reduce product size.

Suitable for harsh environments: Hermetically sealed and meets cULus requirements.