Omron adds ultra-wide angle thermal MEMS sensor

Omron Electronic Components has added a wide angle 32 x 32 element version of its D6T MEMS Thermal Sensors, offering the widest field of view that Omron has ever delivered.

The Omron D6T-32L-01A can view across 90.0° by 90.0°, able to encompass a wide area such as a whole room from a single point. This high performance sensor offers contactless measurement of temperatures of 0-200ºC in ambient temperatures of -10-70ºC.

The D6T-32L is one of three new D6T variants announced by Omron.

Applications where a more restricted field of view is needed can be fulfilled by the 1x8 D6T-8L-09H and the 4x4 D6T-44L-06H, offering 54.5° x 5.5° and 44.2° by 45.7° respectively. These two devices offer contactless temperature measurement between 5-200ºC at ambient temperatures of 5-45ºC.

The D6T sensors are based on an IR sensor which measures the surface temperature of objects without touching them using a thermopile element that absorbs radiated energy from the target object. Incorporating a state-of-the-art MEMS thermopile, custom designed sensor ASIC and signal processing microprocessor and algorithm into tiny package, the D6T is believed to offer the highest signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in the industry. It converts the sensor signal to a digital temperature output giving a straightforward interface to a microcontroller.

At only 14 x 8 x 8.93 mm for the largest 32 x 32 element version, the D6T is exceptionally well suited to temperature detection in a wide range of Internet-of-Things and other embedded applications.