Low RDS(on) 40V MOSFETs target automotive and industrial applications

Nexperia has announced 0.55 mΩ RDS(on) 40V power MOSFETs in the high-reliability LFPAK88 package for automotive (BUK7S0R5-40H) and industrial (PSMNR55-40SSH) applications.

According to Nexperia these devices are the lowest RDS(on) 40 V parts that the company has ever produced and are able to deliver power densities more than 50X greater than traditional D2PAK devices. The devices also offer improved performance in both Avalanche and Linear mode, leading to increased ruggedness and reliability.

Measuring 8 x 8 x 1.7mm, these power MOSFETs also feature class-leading linear mode/safe operating area (SOA) characteristics for safe and reliable switching at high current conditions. SOA at 1 ms, 20 VDS operating conditions is 35 A due to a combination of silicon and package, while at 10 ms, 20 VDS where the package dominates, SOA is 17 A.

These devices also offer a single pulse avalanche rating (EAS) at 2.3 J and very strong ID current rating of 500 A, which is a measured rather than theoretical limit.

The size and performance benefits of these MOSFETs will enable designers to replace two paralleled old-style components with one new LFPAK88, simplifying manufacturing and increasing reliability.

The AEC-Q101-qualified BUK7S0R5-40H parts – which deliver more than twice the reliability performance demanded by the automotive standard – are intended for braking, power steering, reverse battery protection, e-fuse, DC-DC converter and motor control applications.

The industrial PSMNR55-40SSH MOSFETs suit battery isolation, current limitation, e-fuse, motor control, synchronous rectification and load switch applications in power tools, appliances, fans, and e-bikes, scooters and wheelchairs.