Infineon extends OptiMOS 7 MOSFETs portfolio for automotive applications

Infineon Technologies is expanding its portfolio of next-generation OptiMOS 7 MOSFETs for automotive applications.

Credit: Infineon

The portfolio of 40 V products now includes additional devices in robust, lead-free packages and in addition 80 V and 100 V OptiMOS 7 MOSFETs are now also available.

The MOSFETs have been optimised for all standard and future automotive 48 V applications, including electric power steering, braking systems, power switches in new zone architectures, battery management, e-fuse boxes, DC/DC, and BLDC drives in various 12 V and 48 V electrical system applications.

They are also suitable for other transportation applications such as light electric vehicles (LEV), e2wheelers, eScooters, eMotorcycles, and commercial and agricultural vehicles (CAV).

By combining 300 mm thin-wafer technology and innovative packaging, the new OptiMOS 7 technology enables significant performance advantages in all available voltage classes.

As a result, the components are now available in various rugged automotive power packages, including Single SSO8 (5x6), Dual SSO8 (5x6), mTOLG (8x8) and sTOLL (7x8).

The family offers high power density and energy efficiency with the industry's lowest on-state resistance (e.g. 1.3 mΩ max in a single SSO8 (5x6) 80V package) in the smallest form factor. The devices also offer reduced switching losses, improved Safe Operating Area (SOA) robustness and high avalanche current capability.

The OptiMOS 7 products are available now in the following dautomotive power packages in 40 V, 80 V and 100 V: Dual SSO8 (5x6), Single SSO8 (5x6), mTOLG (8x8), and sTOLL (7x8).