ZipCharge announces strategic partnerships with ICEE and Graphite to develop the GoHub

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ZipCharge has announced strategic partnerships with ICEE Managed Services and Graphite to develop the mechanical and electrical systems for the GoHub, the world’s first portable charging infrastructure for shared, public use.

The GoHub is able to host multiple ZipCharge Go EV portable powerbanks to address the need for convenient, flexible, and low-cost energy. It is a secure way of housing, recharging, and providing access to the ZipCharge Go so that anyone can access a powerbank. The GoHub is modular and flexible in size, and is suitable for a diverse number of locations, including on-street, in car parks, at work and in private environments. It will form part of the global roll-out of the ZipCharge energy point network, with the ambition to deploy 100,000 GoHubs around the world by 2030.

ICEE Managed Services and Graphite are key strategic partners in the development, production and bringing the GoHub to market. Both companies have experience in engineering, manufacturing and installing public infrastructure, including the Brompton Bike Hire docks at sixty locations across the UK.

Comment Jonathan Carrier, ZipCharge co-founder said that working together the companies would be able to deliver the GoHub, providing a community-based solution that can be installed anywhere, enabling any parking space to be a charging spot.

“The ability to roll-out Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure at speed is essential to allow national and local governments to deploy it at a faster rate where it is needed the most to support mass EV adoption. EV owners will now have the choice to purchase the Go outright, on subscription or rent one through the GoHub. The GoHub is the world’s first portable EV charging infrastructure for shared, public use,” explained Carrier.