UK EV charging network roll-out gets a boost

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Osprey Charging, a UK provider of rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging points, has released figures showing an acceleration in the deployment of public charging infrastructure.

According to the company it has installed as many chargers in the first quarter of this year as it did during the whole of 2022.

From January to March this year, 142 Osprey EV charging stations went live in 10 weeks, equalling the number of charge points installed throughout 2022 – these charging points are now open for public use and a further 50 chargers are set to go live in April.

According to Ian Johnston, the CEO of Osprey Charging Network, the company is set to continue this pace of roll-out and is expecting to deploy four times as many chargers in 2023 as it did in 2022.

“Over the next two years we will invest over £100million expanding our nationwide public charging network, establishing the much-needed national infrastructure that drivers can trust and rely on.”

The company also said that it has developed a pipeline of sites and is engaging with a broad number of landlords – all good news for drivers.

What’s interesting about Osprey’s network of chargers is that as load-balancing hubs they can dynamically distribute available power in real time to cars as they need it, which means more charge points can be installed on a smaller grid connection than a traditional set up and no power is wasted.

Crucially, Ospey’s charging stations are also open to all drivers and accept all the major EV roaming solutions for fleet and commercial drivers – which has been an issue for users not only in the UK but across Europe.