USC’s MOSIS and SkyWater deliver silicon IC design and manufacturing service

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The MOSIS Service of the Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California and SkyWater Technology are working together to enable design-to-manufacturing for integrated circuit (IC) prototyping and production utilising SkyWater’s CMOS process technologies.

The MOSIS Service will provide multi-project wafer (MPW) shuttle access to SkyWater’s S90 and S130 mixed-signal CMOS technologies. 

The collaboration will enable The MOSIS Service to provide customers with the ability to leverage SkyWater foundry strengths throughout the design cycle. In its role as a technical representative of the foundry, The MOSIS Service enables design verification so customers can meet project milestones and tape-out sign-off goals.

MOSIS provides help with design tasks ranging from PDK utilisation, EDA tools, RTL-to-GDS, IP, block-level and chip-level physical verification, and tape-out closure. MOSIS’ support will allow design teams to focus on implementing their design ideas while achieving successful tape-outs on time and with high quality.

The MOSIS Service can also provide expert knowledge on packaging substrate design and the technical management of packaging vendors.  These services add values to the PDK and manufacturing capacities of SkyWater.

According to MOSIS and SkyWater these new services to the microelectronics community, will support the development of innovative, start-ups looking to achieve chip production through the SkyWater-MOSIS project flows.

Commenting Lifu Chang, Director of The MOSIS Service, said, “SkyWater is the commercial foundry that offers such a wide variety of manufacturing capabilities for electronic devices across different substrate materials. It provides PDK files suitable for designs with device and process options, such as non-volatile memory and advanced packaging, and has therefore enabled many different chip functions and integrations. The MOSIS Service has started the collaboration with the mixed-signal CMOS 130nm and 90nm processes. Our tightly integrated collaboration will support our customers’ projects.”

SkyWater’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve Kosier, said, "This collaboration enhances the technical offerings from both SkyWater and MOSIS in both breadth and depth. We plan to rapidly expand our fab facilities with the national focus on expediting domestic electronics design-to-manufacturing based on our technology foundation. We envision many new projects coming from the defense industry base and other market segments.”