SkyWater to start fabricating new biomedical devices

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SkyWater Technology has signed a production agreement with Nautilus Biotechnology to supply silicon-based microfluidic bio chips for Nautilus’ proteome analysis system.

This announcement is a significant milestone for SkyWater as Nautilus transitions from its Advanced Technology Services (ATS) custom development program to SkyWater’s Wafer Services program.

Through SkyWater’s Technology as a Service (TaaS) business model, the company provides customers with a combination of technical capabilities, rigorous product development processes and secure manufacturing, all within the same operation.

A better understanding of proteins and their function is set to become an important contributor to precision medicine and in the understanding of biological functions, discovery of disease markers, and verifying drug targets.

Advances in protein analysis are increasingly being co-developed across industries through advanced semiconductor manufacturing capabilities. Custom-designed nanostructures, with features orders of magnitude smaller than advanced plastics, can be produced on a large scale and precisely tailored in size, shape, and arrangement to support specific tasks. This approach not only enhances system performance but also leads to savings in materials and costs, directly benefiting companies pursuing next-generation protein analysis by improving efficiency and reducing resource usage.

Developments in MEMS, microfluidics, low-power electronics and materials science are helping to drive innovation in the biomedical industry and SkyWater is leveraging its CMOS and MEMS process capabilities to meet the customised technology needs of customers.

The company’s TaaS model enables chip designers to engage with the foundry early in the technology lifecycle by performing development work in a production environment. This approach accelerates time to market, ensures that quality is designed in from the start and scales easily to volume.

SkyWater is certified to the ISO 13485 Quality Standard for Medical Devices to support the design, development and fabrication of DNA sequencing, lab on chip and other biomedical applications.

“As we continue to experience growth in our innovation-focused ATS development business, we are pleased to see one of our development-stage life science customers begin its transition to Wafer Services production. Our TaaS model allows customers to continue to innovate for future designs on the same tools and processes as their current product, enabling a ‘lab-to-fab' environment,” said Ross Miller, SVP, Commercial and A&D Business at SkyWater. “We look forward to continuing to support Nautilus as they move towards the commercial availability of their groundbreaking proteome analysis platform.”