Ultra low power MCU design features MRAM

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An ultra-low power MCU reference design from eVaderis is taking advantage of Globalfoundries’ embedded magnetoresistive non-volatile memory (eMRAM) technology.

The combination of Globalfoundries’ 22nm FD-SOI (22FDX) platform is said to create a solution that supports applications ranging from battery-powered IoT products to automotive controllers. The platform is said to offer more than 10 times the battery life compared to previous generation MCUs, along with a significantly reduced die size.

“The innovative architecture of eVaderis’ MCU IP, designed around GF’s 22FDX eMRAM technology, is well suited for normally-off IoT applications,” said eVaderis’ president and CEO Jean-Pascal Bost. “Using GF’s eMRAM as a working memory allows sections of the eVaderis MCU to power cycle frequently, without incurring the typical MCU performance penalty.”

A jointly developed reference design will be available in Q4 2018 and, according to Bost: “eVaderis looks forward to making this silicon-proven IP available to customers by the end of this year.”

Globalfoundries’ 22FDX with eMRAM technology was developed in conjunction with MRAM pioneer Everspin Technologies.