Ultra low power MCU featuring on chip MRAM

​French IP developer eVaderis has worked with Beyond Semiconductor to create what is said to be a fully functional ultra low power MCU featuring on chip MRAM.

The test chip, based on Beyond’s BA2X product line, is said to be suitable for use in battery powered IoT applications, including wearables.

The test chip, made on Globalfoundries’ 40nm low power CMOS process, features 3

Mbit of STT-MRAM distributed across the design, addressing such functions as working memory, configuration, state retention, code execution and data storage.

“Power consumption is still the key challenge for any battery-powered device,” said Matjaz Breskvar, Beyond’s CEO. “We have been working with eVaderis to jointly realise a vision of battery-powered, always-on devices with unprecedented energy efficiencies.”