Globalfoundries to use MRAM for embedded memory

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Everspin Technologies’ ST-MRAM technology will be available as an embedded memory through Globalfoundries. In a joint announcement, the companies said they are also preparing for volume production of standalone ST-MRAM memory for storage class applications.

“Our ongoing relationship with Globalfoundries has enabled this next step in bringing what we believe to be the most advanced commercially available ST-MRAM pMTJ products to the market. Now, customers can plan their next generation SOC and MCU based products with eMRAM from Globalfoundries.” said Everspin CEO Phillip LoPresti.

The embedded memory be offered initially on Globalfoundries’ 22FDX platform, which uses FD-SOI technology. However, the technology is said to be scalable beyond 22nm and is expected to be available on FinFET and future FDX platforms.

Designed for code storage and working memory applications, the power efficiency of FDX and eMRAM, coupled with the available RF connectivity IP, is said to make 22FDX suitable for battery powered IoT products and automotive MCUs.

“Customers are looking for a high performance non volatile memory solution that expands their product capabilities," said Gregg Bartlett, senior vice president of Globalfoundries’ CMOS Platforms Business Unit. “Our introduction of 22FDX eMRAM enables system designers with new capabilities, allowing them to build greater functionality into their MCUs and SoCs, while enhancing performance and power efficiency.”

Currently in development, 22FDX eMRAM is expected to be available for customer prototyping in 2017, with volume production in 2018.