Lattice FPGA brings MIPI bridging to Ambarella's CVflow architecture

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Lattice Semiconductor has announced that Ambarella has selected the Lattice ECP5 FPGA to enable MIPI bridging capabilities in systems using Ambarella CVflow SoCs.

CVflow-based products are used in a wide variety of embedded and smart vision applications, including video security, advanced driver assistance (ADAS), electronic mirror, drive recorder, driver/cabin monitoring, autonomous driving, and robotics. Ambarella said that it chose the Lattice FPGA based on its highly efficient routing architecture, low power consumption, and small form factor.

According to the MIPI Alliance, car manufacturers are interested in using MIPI components because they are “mature, relatively simple to use, and help reduce the number of wires needed to connect components. MIPI specifications are also well-proven, which reduces risk." However, many automotive and industrial systems require support for legacy interface standards incompatible with MIPI.

The Lattice FPGA provides the low power co-processing necessary to convert sub-LVDS and other interface standards supported by legacy components, allowing Ambarella CVflow customers to leverage the latest MIPI devices in their new and existing product designs while maintaining compatibility with other system components.

“Selecting the best components for each of our products is essential to maintaining our industry leadership and ensuring that our users get the rich feature sets they need,” said Mr. Long Xu, Director at Ambarella. “We’re pleased to be working with Lattice to incorporate their low power FPGAs into our SoC platform, which further reinforces Ambarella as a preferred choice for advanced automotive and industrial solutions.”

“Lattice FPGAs and solutions stacks such as mVision enable our customers and partners to quickly implement value-added embedded vision features like MIPI signal bridging and aggregation in their products,” said Kambiz Khalilian, Director, Strategic Business Development, Lattice. “In addition to general-purpose FPGAs, Lattice also offers embedded vision optimised FPGAs such as CrossLink-NX, based on our low power Lattice Nexus platform, that include support for hardened MIPI D-PHY interfaces needed in many industrial and automotive applications.”