Infineon looks to redefine power density and efficiency in AI server power supplies

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Infineon Technologies has announced that it is to extend the development of SiC MOSFETs to voltages below 650 V.

Credit: Infineon

The move comes in response to the increasing power requirements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) processors that require server power supplies (PSUs) to deliver more and more power without exceeding the defined dimensions of the server racks.

This requirement is being driven by a surge in energy demand of high-level GPUs, which could end up consuming 2 kW and more per chip by the end of the decade.

Infineon is launching a new CoolSiC MOSFET 400 V family, which is based on the second generation (G2) CoolSiC technology introduced earlier this year. This portfolio was specially developed for use in the AC/DC stage of AI servers and complements Infineon’s recently announced PSU roadmap.

The devices are also suitable for solar and energy storage systems (ESS), inverter motor control, industrial and auxiliary power supplies (SMPS) as well as solid-state circuit breakers for residential buildings.

“Infineon offers an extensive portfolio of high-performance MOSFETs and GaN transistors to meet the demanding design and space requirements of AI server power supplies”, said Richard Kuncic, Head of the Power Systems Business Line at Infineon. “We are committed to supporting our customers with advanced products such as the CoolSiC MOSFETs 400 V G2 to drive highest energy efficiency in advanced AI applications.”

The family features ultra-low conduction and switching losses when compared to existing 650 V SiC and Si MOSFETs. Implemented in a multi-level PFC, the AC/DC stage of the AI Server PSU can attain a power density of more than 100 W/in³ and is proven to reach 99.5 percent efficiency. This is an efficiency improvement of 0.3 percentage points over solutions using 650 V SiC MOSFETs.

In addition, the system solution for AI Server PSUs is completed by implementing CoolGaN transistors in the DC/DC stage. Consequently, this combination of high-performance MOSFETs and transistors enables a power supply capable of delivering more than 8 kW with an increase in power density by a factor of more than 3 compared to current solutions.

The new MOSFET portfolio comprises a total of 10 products: five R DS(on) classes from 11 to 45 mΩ in Kelvin-source TOLL and D²PAK-7 packages with .XT package interconnect technology. The drain-source breakdown voltage of 400 V at T vj = 25°C. makes them suitable for use in 2- and 3-level converters and for synchronous rectification. The components offer high robustness under harsh switching conditions and are 100 percent avalanche tested.

The highly robust CoolSiC technology in combination with the .XT interconnect technology enables the devices to cope with power peaks and transients caused by sudden changes in the power requirements of the AI processor. Both the connection technology and a low and positive R DS(on) temperature coefficient enable excellent performance under operating conditions with higher junction temperatures.

Engineering samples of the CoolSiC MOSFET 400 V portfolio are now available and will go into series production from October 2024.