Dolphin Design and Raspberry Pi offer advanced chip power management

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Dolphin Design and Raspberry Pi have announced a partnership that leverages Dolphin’s power management solutions in the development of Raspberry Pi’s chip technology.

Credit: Eduardo Corcino -

In what is being described as groundbreaking move towards advanced chip technology, Raspberry Pi has teamed up with Dolphin Design to incorporate sophisticated power management features into their latest semiconductor projects.

This collaboration integrates Dolphin Design’s IP with Raspberry Pi’s initiatives using TSMC’s 40 nm technology. This partnership not only optimises power efficiency and performance but also ensures longer battery life across a wide spectrum of applications.

From educational tools to high-end computing systems, this versatile technology is designed to meet the diverse needs of various users, reinforcing Raspberry Pi’s commitment to innovation and efficient computing.

“Our collaboration with Raspberry Pi marks a pivotal moment in semiconductor innovation. By integrating our advanced power management solutions with Raspberry Pi’s visionary chip design, we are setting a new benchmark for what’s possible in technology tailored for efficiency and sustainability,” said Hakim Jaafar VP of Marketing at Dolphin Design.

James Adams, CTO at Raspberry Pi, added, “We are excited to work with Dolphin Design to bring forward chips that not only meet the high standards of performance and reliability expected by our users, but also push the boundaries of power efficiency. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our belief in the power of collaboration”.