PCB Signal integrity & Stackup design.

Professionally document and design high speed PCBs with Polar Speedstack, discover more at Engineering Solutions Live .

PCB Signal integrity & Stackup design.

Ever more complex PCB designs require layer stackups to be considered even before you layout the design. As a designer there are now vast choices of base materials and PCB manufacturing considerations to make as early as possible in the design process.  Polar Speedstack allows you to design and document stackups prior to layout – and share the information in a concise and professional way with your chosen fabricator or broker.

Discover more at  Engineering Solutions Live where Polar’s signal integrity product manager Neil Chamberlain is presenting a Lunch & Learn session on high speed PCB design & documentation. Including an overview of transmission line structures, good stackup design techniques, and a taster of the vast array of available base materials for high speed PCB design.


If you can't make it to Gaydon – you can see more about Speedstack on the Polar YouTube channel, or the Polar Instruments website – both packed with practical signal integrity information.

Speedstack documents high speed PCB layer stackup and it exports into leading CAD systems. Reports from Speedstack are recognised throughout the industry supply chain.

Explore Speedstack for yourself by following this link: https://www.polarinstruments.com/products/stackup/SS_options.html