Free webinar - PCB layer stackup design using differential pairs

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Polar Instruments – a specialist in tools for pcb design, fabrication and test - has announced a free webinar on pcb layer stackup design using differential pairs.

Presented by signal integrity guru, Dr Eric Bogatin, the webinar will be held at 1.00pm EST (6.00pm UTC) on Wednesday 16th September and present a masterclass on how the physical design of differential pairs affects interconnect performance in pcbs. Martyn Gaudion, sales and marketing director of pcb design tools specialists, Polar Instruments, explains: "A thorough understanding of differential pair design provides engineers with insights that improve their pcb stackup design skills which, in turn, will increase the manufacturing yields of the products that they design. By removing any costs associated with the webinar, we hope our sponsorship will help many more engineers access this valuable training." The webinar will explore key criteria which affect signal integrity in complex pcbs: loose versus tight coupling of differential pairs; the impact of the location of the top and bottom planes; achieving 100 Ohm differential impedance in stripline; the implications of 85 Ohms impedance and potential causes of line losses. The presenter, Dr Bogatin, is the author of over 200 papers and four books on signal integrity and interconnect design. He is respected throughout the industry as an expert in the field of signal integrity and has trained over 4000 engineers. Engineers working in OEMs and pcb fabricators should register before 12.00 noon EST (5.00pm UTC) on Tuesday September 15, 2009 to receive delegate information and a participation link.