Next generation 1200 V CoolSiC Trench MOSFET

Infineon has unveiled its new generation of 1200 V CoolSiC MOSFETs in TO263-7 for automotive applications.

The automotive-graded silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET generation offers high power density and efficiency, enables bi-directional charging and significantly reduces system cost in on-board charging (OBC) and DC-DC applications.

The 1200 V CoolSiC family member offers best-in-class switching performance through 25 percent lower switching losses compared to the first generation. This improvement in switching behaviour enables high-frequency operation, leading to smaller system sizes and increased power density. With a Gate-source threshold voltage (V GS(th)) greater than 4 V and a very low Crss/ Ciss ratio, reliable turn-off at V GS = 0 V is achieved without the risk of parasitic turn-ons. This allows for unipolar driving, resulting in reduced system cost and complexity. In addition, the new generation features a low on resistance (R DS(on)), reducing conductive losses over the whole temperature range of -55°C to 175°C.

The advanced diffusion soldering chip mount technology (.XT technology) significantly improves the package's thermal capabilities, lowering the SiC MOSFET junction temperature by 25 percent compared to the first generation.

Moreover, the MOSFET has a creepage distance of 5.89 mm, meeting 800 V system requirements and reducing coating effort. Infineon is offering a range of R DS(on) options to cater to diverse application demands, including the only 9 mΩ type in the TO263-7 package currently on the market.