Microsemi extends SparX-IV managed ethernet switch family

Microsemi is making available the latest member of its SparX-IV Ethernet switch product family. Providing 2.5G and 10 gigabit Ethernet connectivity the VSC7440 SparX-IV-34 has been designed to enable more cost effective, smaller form factor and lower power networking solutions.

The fully L2/L3 managed Ethernet switch, which provides up to 10 ports supporting a combination of 1G, 2.5G and 10G Ethernet ports, delivers greater flexibility and is a feature-rich solution for enterprise networking including small and midsize business (SMB), small and midsize enterprise (SME), and industrial Ethernet applications.

Commenting Larry O’Connell, director of product marketing for Microsemi’s Ethernet Networking Technology (ENT) group, said: “With up to 10 Gbps data service, customers can build a future-proof platform delivering video, storage and other data-intensive applications for users.”

The VSC7440 brings new capabilities to the networking communications market, as current switches of its kind are unable to support more than 1 gigabit Ethernet rate with similar power profile and features.

The VSC7440 Ethernet switch integrates VeriTime, Microsemi’s patent-pending distributed timing technology which delivers nanosecond accuracy IEEE 1588V2 time stamping. In addition, the device supports the company’s comprehensive application software suite and programming interface (API) packages, accelerating time-to-market and increasing return on investment for Microsemi customers. The software API package integrates easily with third-party software, enabling a diverse set of applications while preserving existing software investments for customers.