Belden expands Greyhound ethernet switch family

Belden is making available Hirschmann Greyhound 105/106 Ethernet Switches, which have been built to deliver fast, secure, cost-effective and future-proof network connectivity in industrial operations.

The switches from Hirschmann offer a very high port density with support for multiple Gigabit speeds. The compact design combines hardened industrial hardware and high-performance switching and routing capabilities while meeting any performance, redundancy or budget requirements.

Customers can choose the features best suited for their environments and pay only for the speed, power and security they need as the solution can be easily scaled as connectivity requirements increase. Available in four main versions, Greyhound 105 and 106, the switches can serve as an aggregation layer or backbone switch depending on the network’s size.

Users benefit from:

  • Scalability to meet future bandwidth needs and connect more network devices with high-speed, high port density within a single, compactly designed device.
  • Feature and price flexibility with multiple configuration options, enabling customers to select the speed and power necessary for their specific applications.
  • Robust security and high-performance switching features through best-in-class HiOS switch software that ensures the large amounts of data collected in the field can be delivered to the enterprise level quickly, securely and reliably.
  • Reliable in wide operating temperature ranges and with a fanless design, these  Ethernet Switches can be installed in both harsh environmental conditions and control cabinets without the need for powerful cooling systems.

The devices support networks in any industrial setting – including all segments of discrete and process manufacturing, energy production and transportation.