Low-cost potting boxes from BCL Enclosures

BCL Enclosures is offering a comprehensive range of potting boxes to protect small electronic circuits in applications, ranging from consumer products to automotive harsh environment applications.

The GPL Range has been designed for permanent encapsulation of electronic circuits and is manufactured in ABS, which is lightweight yet robust. The GPL Range features fixing lugs for secure attachment to a wide variety of surfaces.

Three models are available in the GPL Range: GPL05 measures 36mm x 24mm x 19mm and has a nominal wall thickness of 1.0mm; GPL1 measures 50mm x 30mm x 24mm with a wall thickness of 1.5mm and GPL2 is 55mm x 42mm x 27mm with a nominal wall thickness of 2.0mm.

The potting boxes can be punched or drilled as required to suit individual customer requirements. As well as the standard range colours of grey, black or white, other RAL colours are available on request.

The PB Range of potting boxes is moulded in black ABS and also provides a low-cost solution for protecting delicate electronics. This is a very wide series, with models ranging in size from a tiny 11mm x 11mm x 9mm (0.5mm wall thickness) in the PB109 model, right up to the PB106, which measures 100mm x 60mm x 25mm, wall thickness 1.3mm.

These potting boxes are easily drilled or punched by the customer and alternative RAL colours are available on request.