General-purpose BM Series lidded enclosures from BCL

The BM Series of enclosures from BCL Enclosures are a versatile series of general-purpose enclosures that suit domestic and commercial electrical and electronic installations.

Manufactured in high-quality ABS for strength and durability, the BM Series boxes have lids retained by four 3mm countersunk plated screws that fit into brass inserts in each corner.

Three models are available: BM11 measures 143mm long x 82mm wide x 30mm high; BM12 measures 143mm long x 82mm wide x 44mm high; and the BM22 measures 143mm long x 82mm wise x 58mm high.

Nominal wall thickness in all models is 30mm to provide structural rigidity. These standard sizes are all available in black or white, with an attractive polished finish.

BM11W and BM11B have no PCB slots; BM12W and BM12B feature five slots on the long sides and three slots on the shorter sides of the base for secure retention of PCBs. For larger installations requiring more boards, BM22B and BM22W have the same number of PCB slots on both sides of the base as the BM12 models, plus a further five slots on the long side and three on the shorter side in the lid.

As with most of BCL’s other enclosure ranges, quotes for RAL colours or customisation by punching or drilling can be quickly obtained from BCL’s UK-based sales team.