Infineon unveils high density power modules for AI data centres

Infineon Technologies has launched the TDM2254xD series of dual-phase power modules that will enable best-in-class power density, quality and total cost of ownership (TCO) for AI data centres.

The TDM2254xD series products combine OptiMOS TM MOSFET technology with novel packaging and a proprietary magnetic structure to deliver improved electrical and thermal performance with robust mechanical design. This enables data centres to operate at higher efficiency to meet the high-power demands of AI GPU (Graphic Processor Unit) platforms while also significantly reducing TCO.

Given that AI servers require 3 times more energy than traditional servers, and data centres already consume more than 2 percent of the global energy supply, finding innovative power solutions and architecture designs that further drive decarbonization are seen as crucial.

Infineon’s TDM2254xD dual-phase power modules combine with XDP TM Controller technology to enable efficient voltage regulation for high-performance computing platforms with superior electrical, thermal and mechanical operation.

The modules’ design allows for efficient heat transfer from the power stage on to the heat sink through a novel inductor design that is optimised to transfer current and heat, thereby allowing for a 2 percent higher efficiency than industry average modules at full load.

Improving power efficiency at the core of a GPU yields significant energy savings at scale and this translates into megawatts saved for data centres computing generative AI and in turn leads to reduced CO 2 emissions and millions of dollars in operating cost savings over the system’s lifetime.