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Infineon introduces MOSFETs with OptiMOS 7 technology

Infineon Technologies has introduced the OptiMOS 7 family, the industry’s first 15 V trench power MOSFET technology.

Designed in response to the ever-increasing power demand of data centres and computing applications and the need for more power efficient and compact power supply designs, the OptiMOS 7 15 V series primarily targets optimised DC-DC conversion for servers, computing, datacentre, and artificial intelligence applications.

The product portfolio includes the latest PQFN 3.3 x 3.3 mm² Source-Down, with bottom- and dual-side cooling variants in standard- and centre-gate footprints. The portfolio also includes a robust PQFN 2 x 2 mm² variant with a reinforced clip.

The OptiMOS 7 15 V technology is specifically tailored for DC-DC conversions with low output voltages, particularly in server and computing environments. This advancement aligns with emerging shifts towards high ratio DC-DC conversion in data-centre power distribution.

Compared to the established OptiMOS5 25 V, the OptiMOS 7 15 V achieves a reduction of R DS(on) and FOMQ g by ~30 percent, and FOMQ OSS by ~50 percent by lowering the breakdown voltage. The PQFN 3.3 x 3.3 mm² Source-Down package variants also provide a more versatile and effective PCB-design.

Furthermore, the PQFN 2 x 2 mm² package provides a pulsed current capability higher than 500 A and a typical R thJC of 1.6 K/W. By minimising conduction and switching losses and incorporating advanced packaging technology, thermal management becomes easy and effective, setting new benchmarks both for power density and overall efficiency.