Infineon introduces Power System Reliability Modelling for data centre systems

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Infineon Technologies has unveiled Power System Reliability Modelling, a solution that looks to address the challenges faced by data centres and telecom infrastructures due to power supply failures in the system.

Credit: Infineon

Figures suggest that 39 percent of downtimes can be attributed to power outages with an average cost of $687,700 per downtime. Consequently, there is a real need for seamless operations and a need to reduce those financial costs.

According to Infineon, by integrating its power monitoring solution, organisations can enhance operational resilience, reduce their carbon-footprint and achieve substantial cost savings.

The offering consists of an algorithm running on a digital power controller, integrating software and hardware. This is in line with Infineon’s strategic approach, which is to provide customers with comprehensive system solutions that include both semiconductor devices and matching software tools.

Target applications of the solution include DCDC converters, ACDC rectifiers and IBC modules utilized in data centres, AI servers, GPUs, and telecom networks.

Power System Reliability Modelling acts as a bridge between component and system reliability and enables real-time power supply health monitoring of the system and lifetime estimation based on dynamic system operating parameters, a power supply system model, and a reliability prediction procedure in digital power controllers by Infineon.

The solution is intended to ensure improved device utilisation and data-driven maintenance recommendations, boosting both profitability and reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Customers will benefit from real-time system diagnostics for their power supply as well as powerful system reliability-based decisions and quality assurance. The solution is easy to use and integrate into existing designs.

“The Power System Reliability Modelling represents a pivotal step for Infineon and its customers towards reliable and stable power supply in data centres,” said Adam White, Division President Power & Sensor Systems at Infineon. “Following our Product to System approach, the solution focuses on delivering hardware integrated with advanced software capabilities. This approach not only expands product capabilities and scope, but also empowers our customers to create more value and scale their operations faster.”