In-Vehicle system-on-chip solution for secure car access

STMicroelectronics has unveiled a new platform intended to accelerate the introduction of digital car keys giving consumers keyless access to vehicles via their mobile device.

In addition to strengthening security, digital car keys are able to deliver greater owner conveniences including customisable usage privileges while continuing to secure the vehicle. Activities such as car sharing, fleet management, and vehicle rental gain benefits such as easier key issuance, usage controls, and access for valeting and servicing.

Based on the most recent ST Automotive grade Secure Element hardware, the solution, developed in collaboration with Giesecke+Devrient (G+D), supports the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) Digital Key release 3.0 standard, ensuring high levels of security and protection.

ST’s STSAFE-VJ100-CCC in-vehicle system-on-chip solution is based on CC EAL6+ certified, automotive-grade 2 ST33K-A secure IC, integrating Java Card applications.

The SoC stores credentials and other sensitive information, and performs cryptographic operations required to implement CCC Digital Key Release 3 use cases like owner pairing, key sharing, key termination/deletion providing a robust foundation for digital car-key solutions.