650V integrated half bridge for smaller power adaptors

Dialog Semiconductor has developed a monolithic 650V GaN half bridge which integrates a high side and low side power switch together with drivers, level shifting, protection as well as analogue and logic components. The power device is said to switch at more than 50V/ns.

The DA8801, part of a platform which includes digital controllers, synchronous rectification and rapid charge products, is claimed to potentially enable 25 to 65W wall adaptors to shrink in half. This is done by cutting wasted energy by 50% for the 25W adaptor design and provides more than 94% total efficiency, increasing switching frequencies, and integrating other electronic components which makes the overall design much smaller and simpler to use and reduces the cost by half.

SmartGaN technology is said to deliver the world’s fastest high powered switches. GaN high electron mobility transistors are claimed to be much smaller and ten times faster than silicon MOSFETs, enabling high frequency power electronics to deliver much higher efficiency.