Navitas unveils GaNSense Half-Bridge Power ICs

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Navitas Semiconductor, a specialist in GaN power ICs, has announced a new GaNSense half-bridge power IC.

These half-bridge ICs have been designed to enable a new level of MHz switching frequencies while significantly reducing the system cost and complexity compared to existing discrete solutions.

GaNSense half-bridge power ICs integrate two GaN FETs with drive, control, sensing, autonomous protection, and level-shift isolation, to create a fundamental power-stage building block for power electronics.

This approach is described as 'revolutionary' by the company as the single-package solution reduces component count and footprint by over 60% compared to existing discretes, which cuts system cost, size, weight, and complexity.

The integrated GaNSense technology enables autonomous protection for increased reliability and robustness, combined with loss-less current sensing for higher levels of efficiency and energy savings. The high integration levels also eliminate circuit parasitics and delays, making MHz-frequency operation a reality for a broad range of AC-DC-power topologies including LLC resonant, asymmetric half-bridge (AHB), and active-clamp flyback (ACF).

The GaNSense half-bridge ICs is also being seen as a perfect fit for totem-pole PFC, as well as motor-drive applications.

GaNSense half-bridge ICs are anticipated to have a significant impact in all Navitas target markets including mobile fast chargers, consumer power adapters, data centre power supplies, solar inverters, energy storage, and EV applications.

“After bipolar transistors were replaced by silicon MOSFETs in the late 70s and early 80s, the introduction of Navitas GaN technology represents the second revolution in power, with a huge increase in switching frequency and efficiency, and major reductions in system size and cost,” noted Gene Sheridan, CEO. “Our initial GaNFast ICs enabled an increase from 50-60 kHz to 200-500 kHz, and now the GaNSense half-bridges elevate those benefits to the MHz range. The GaN revolution continues!”

The initial family of GaNSense Half-Bridge ICs includes the NV6247 which is rated at 650 V, 160 mOhms (dual), and the NV6245C, rated at 275 mOhms (dual), both in an industry-standard, low-profile, low-inductance, 6 x 8 mm PQFN package.

The NV6247 is now available and in production with 16-week lead times, while the NV6245C is sampling with select customers and will be broadly available in production to all customers in Q4 2022.

A wide range of package styles and power levels will become available in this GaNSense Half-Bridge IC family in the coming quarters.