X-FAB introduces 110nm BCD-on-SOI foundry solution

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X-FAB Silicon Foundries has become the first foundry to introduce a 110 nm BCD-on-SOI solution.

The new XT011 platform reflects the growing need for greater digital integration and processing capabilities within analogue applications. It brings together the attributes associated with both SOI and DTI, so that high-density digital logic and analogue functionality can be incorporated in a single chip compared to traditional bulk BCD.

By moving to a lower process node, the X-FAB XT011 offering provides double the standard cell library density of its established XT018 180 nm BCD-on-SOI semiconductor platform, while taking up 35% less area for SONOS embedded flash implementations.

Ultra-low on-resistance (R(ds)on) high-voltage N-channel device performance is another important property (with a greater than 25% improvement on the XT018 process). The thermal performance has been enhanced significantly, which means that high-current applications can be better addressed – matching what would normally be expected of a bulk BCD process.

Enabling the delivery of AEC-Q100 Grade 0 compliant design implementations, this new BCD-on-SOI technology is highly robust with an operating temperature range of -40°C to 175°C is covered. Elevated levels of resilience to EMI are exhibited too. With no parasitic bipolar effects being witnessed, the risk of latch-ups occurring can be eliminated – thereby assuring the highest degrees of operational reliability.

A comprehensive process design kit (PDK) provided by X-FAB for XT011 as well as a broad array of IP elements, such as SRAM, ROM, SONOS- based flash and embedded EEPROM, are available.

The XT011 process is primarily targeted at next-generation automotive applications. Volume production will commence in the second half of 2023.