UltraSoC and Europractice aim to help academic institutions develop full RISC-V ASICs

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UltraSoC has announced a partnership with Europractice to broaden accessibility to its open source RISC-V development tools.

Europractice is a European Commission initiative that assists academic and non-commercial research teams to design, fabricate and package electronics prototypes. Its members can access design tools to help stimulate the wider adoption of new electronic system design methodologies.

Through partnering with Europractice, UltraSoC will be making its debug and trace IP more freely available to academic institutions. This will help academic institutions develop full RISC-V ASICs.

Dr John McLean from UKRI Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and Head of Europractice design tools commented, “As part of the growing RISC-V ecosystem, UltraSoC brings significant value to our Europractice academic members; we are delighted they have agreed to join our successful programme. UltraSoC’s embedded analytics technology will not only allow our 600 member institutes across Europe to realise their ASIC designs more quickly and easily, but also allow them to perform detailed system-level analysis on the resulting silicon.”

Having started as a university spin-out, UltraSoC says it sees value in investing in a strong connection to academic institutions. The company has an active University Program that also provides low-cost or free IP licenses to participating institutions for research or pre-commercial investigation.