Socionext looks to enhance sound quality in wide range of applications

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Socionext has announced a lineup of acoustics solutions under the "ForteArt" family of software IPs.

ForteArt looks to enhance the sound-related user experience, with applications including consumer products, public signage and automotive infotainment systems. The software IPs can be implemented with other vendors' hardware, as well as with Socionext's own SoC products.

Organised as a family of solutions ForteArt looks to address the increasing amount of broadcast and network video distribution that includes multiple sound channels such as 5.1ch, 7.1ch and 22.2ch. Because many home-use systems include only two speakers, sound effects are often compromised and not full quality.

The current ForteArt lineup includes a variety of technologies and solutions, such as “3D Surround Sound Solution” for reproducing "pseudo surround effect" with a two-speaker system, and “Bass Boost Solution” which allows listeners to experience the deep, rich bass sound even with low-cost speakers, by generating signals based on human hearing characteristics and adding those signals to the original sound.

In addition to consumer applications, the technologies can reproduce more stereoscopic and realistic sound for public viewing and digital signage.

For automotive systems, for example, ForteArt’s “3D Audio HMI” uses existing in-vehicle speakers, with sound-localisation technology, to help transmit sound next to the driver's ears. The 3D Audio HMI enhances the driving experience and improves safety through audible navigational assistance and alerts. All of these solutions not only provide built-in functionalities within Socionext SoC products, but also in the form of software IPs which can run on customers’ own devices.

Equipment manufacturers can implement them without adding any equipment or making any changes to their hardware.

Socionext said that it as looking to further enhance the lineup of ForteArt and develop new functionalities and services making the solutions applicable to a wider range of applications.

The company is also developing tools for fine-tuning the sound effects according to the use environment and service organisations for the total solutions, to support the product development of equipment manufacturers.